The 2nd International Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development (ICTSD 2021) provides an academic platform for researchers to present the latest innovation and research findings, especially for overcoming challenges in the new era caused by SARS COV-2 or also known as Covid-19. The pandemic has disrupted various aspects of human life, hindering or decelerating the effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the other hand, researchers have proactively conducted various studies as signs of the human struggle to overcome the disruption. 

Therefore, Vocational College Universitas Gadjah Mada collaborating conducted the second International Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development (ICTSD) 2021 with a theme "Challenges and Applied Innovations for Accelerating the SDGs." ICTSD 2021 accommodates various scientific disciplines that provide a platform hence the researchers can interact with each other. The scientific disciplines are divided into 3 cluster symposium, namely:

Agrotechnology and Environment Symposium

Agrotechnology and Environment with the sub-theme “Agro-technological innovation for Sustainable Development.

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Socio economic-humanities Symposium

Socio economic-humanities (languages, arts and culture, economics, management, accounting) with the sub-theme “Digital and Financial Technologies and Their Impact on Culture, Language, Tourism and Archive Management.

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Science and Technology Symposium

Science and Technology (engineering, computing, materials, energy) with the sub-theme “Sustainable Technology Opportunities and Challenges in Industry 4.0“.  

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